Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit fit guide
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit
Tuxy STORM suit

Tuxy STORM suit

Comfort & Style both Indoors & Outdoors
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The STORM suit

 The Ultimate One-piece rain suit to keep you dry and sheltered. 

  • 3L Waterproof and Breathable Fabric
  • Patented StretchTECH waist design 
  • Dry lock wrist cuff 
  • Oversize Dry lock ankle cuff
  • Arm, leg Venting
  • Custom high rise hood + synch adjustment

Visit our FIT GUIDE page for sizing help 

Can I use the bathroom in a Tuxy?
There’s a fly pee zip in the front for stand up jobs. For any sit down job, it’s a strip-down affair. We recommend you wrap the arms around and bunch up the excess as you pull it down if you want to avoid floor contact.

Can I machine wash Tuxy Suit?
Yes, you can do Machine cold wash.
Where do you ship from?
Our orders ship from both Windsor, Canada and Plymouth, USA.
All international orders come from the USA warehouse.

How long does it take to ship?
We will ship within 3 business days.
We will send you a tracking number to your email once it's shipped.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide from our USA warehouse.

Featured In

Suit as
Unique as you

When you’re sporting the ultimate lounge wear, you know that when you walk into the Lodge, gym, or backyard party you’re going to be unique.

No one else will have one, but everyone will want it. Your Tuxy says you’re an individual with the confidence and insight to wear the very best. 

You can do whatever you want in a Tuxy with the confidence it will always adapt to the situation and protect you from unwanted ride-up. 

Step inside

Traditional Onesies are known for their comfort, but always lack style and function. You would never leave the house with one on, or get anything accomplished with it beyond relaxing on couch.

When we first designed the Tuxy we set out to make the ultimate onesie. Where the comfort, fashion & function were in perfect harmony. A garmet that's not just really comfortable, but one that you could go anywhere and do almost anything.

No compromises
No limits.

Tuxy is as prepared as you are for any adventure to feel connected.

It has got Audio port, storage for your wallet, zip pockets for cell sleeve and open side pockets for regular use.

It’s like that feeling you get when you put on a new business suit, that you can take on the world. Or that confidence boost from pulling out a new driver from your bag. That’s the experience of putting on the Tuxy. It gets in your head and just makes you feel anything is possible. 


Tuxy is more than just any single piece of clothing. It represents a feeling; an approach to life that says you relish both active living, and appreciate lazy moments.

Tuxy is about making the most of every minute. Designed to be the perfect harmony of comfort, function and style. Slip into your Tuxy and escape to where you want to be.

Get the Tuxy feeling now

People love Tuxy


It’s so comfy yet stylish. I can’t wait for the fall and winter season to wear it all the time!!

James A

I love every bit of it except that the neck part goes up a bit further than i would like, but thats no big deal, I just take the zipper all the way up. That aside I'm in love with it. The pockets are good with high quality zippers on em too.

Toralf A

I have three boys, but during quarantine it felt like 5. These five college freshman have had a rough year with Covid restrictions that cancelled their Senior year in high school and sent them home early from college. They spent months together (almost everyday & night at our house) and they wore their Tuxys for zoom class, "dye" games and hours of watching football together. They made the best of a difficult time, the Tuxy photos will always be a great memory for all of us!

Erin C

It’s comfort level to the max! Great to wear under additional layers too when it’s extra cold outside.

Brennan B

Worth the price. Fits and looks just like a two-piece sweat suit and got my 5 yr old daughter one to match. Now, just wish the woman’s weren’t sold out.

Ashley P

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Kevin M.

Game changer

After one too many commutes on my bike ending in getting obliterated by rain and wind I decided to give this thing a try and Im glad I did. Absolute game changer and it will be coming with me everywhere from now on.

David D.
Canada Canada

Not what i expected

Its a lil bit tight (im 6'5, 280lbs) but i expected that. What i didnt expect was warm it wasnt! I was thinking i'd be able to wear a shorts and a tshirt under the tuxy storm suit, oh no! In just 4 degree temps..i was uncomfortably cold.

Casey C.

Storm suit... To storm or to drizzle?

Yes, it looks cool and is a great concept, which is why I made the purchase that was equal to the better part of a month of rent. I live in the PNW, embrace the storm days with passion and actively spend a good portion of time outside while it's storming. That being said, in any kind of drizzle you'll probably stay dry and the suit works great. In any kind or actual sustained rain &/or wind, you will be wetter than a manatee before your adventure is 1/2 way through. Fit is ok. I'm 6' 1" and 222ish with a lankey build. I bought an XL. If the sleeves were any shorter it wouldn't fit. The fold over system for the pants/coat is cool but the fold is just a tad too short, and I find the coat riding up often with sustained movement. I'm sure the suit fits great for other people, just not me. I would suggest buying a size up. Pockets are nice, seams are taped, overall quality of product is decent and it looks nice... If you are not going into any real storms great. If you are, I would suggest some Carhartt rain gear that is 100% waterproof, under 1/2 the price and durable. Or you could look into a Burton 1 piece that has a solid waterproof rating and all the bells and whistles you could think of for outerwear at about the same price. Moral of the story, Would I buy the storm suit again.... Hard no. Would I have bought it if I had been able to try it on first, no. It looks and feels great, but if you plan on being out and about when the weather hits you'll find this suit doesn't quite cut it, especially for the price point. BUT... I am Tempted to buy a sweat suit. Because it's a great concept.

Ryan B.

Always out of stock!

How am I supposed to buy something if it's not in stock?


The first time I have stayed dry.......

I ride a hardtail chopper on a 16 to 20 day, 4000 to 7000 mile trip every year. It is an old school setup with no front fender and when it rains I get blasted with water, even on wet roads and no rain. I have logged over 64,000 miles over the last 8 years and I have tried a ton of different rain gear options. Every one of them has failed miserably, until now. I cannot say I have ridden all day in rain but I hit rain two times on my last trip. One was light but one was very heavy for about 2 hours. When I stopped for the day, what I usually find is that I am soaked especially in the stomach to knee area, but instead I found a couple of quarter sized spots that were wet and I think it was because I had not fully zipped the leg vents. I was truly amazed and very happy that I finally found a solution that works. The suit is not cheap but it actually works which is worth a great deal to me. Thanks Tuxy!