We get it, you probably can’t imagine something more comfortable than that shapeless, well-worn onesie you’ve been lounging around in forever. Who doesn’t want to shake off the discomfort of the day and jump into something built for coziness? But what if there was a piece of clothing that you’d be just as excited to put on, not just because it’s comfortable, but because you’ll actually be able to go out in public with it?

Enter the Tuxy. Its own unique piece of clothing, the Tuxy takes the best of both worlds of a stylish sweatsuit and a cozy onesie and delivers something that won’t make you embarrassed to walk around in. A garment so stylish that an untrained eye wouldn’t know you’re wearing one piece, though of course you’ll be the first to tell them all about the perks and comfort of a Tuxy.

We’re well aware of why a onesie is so appealing, but we aimed higher and we didn’t let the idea of what comfortable clothing should be hold us back when we designed this endlessly versatile one piece. We wanted more for you.